Month: August 2020

Monday Motivation- Diabetes and your A1C

This is how diet and exercise alone helped one person!   Many people experience stress and anxiety over getting their sugar and A1c results- when it turns in a positive direction I promise you it will be full of joy and pride. Happy Monday!

Home gym – what do you really need?

Good Monday Morning!  Have you wondered just how much you need to invest to have a home gym that will give you the diversity for Cardio/Resistance/Flexibility and Core workouts? Secondly how much square footage is enough? I am here to tell you – you do not need to conform to any set of standards- because […]

Fitwel VIRAL Response Certification for Workplace

Does your organization have a response plan in place that addresses the health of your occupants in today’s climate? Do your occupants know the plan?  Do you know a Blue Print has been created by key stakeholders across Health, Build and Design industry to simplify this process at a low cost and in a formula […]

Sleep for Caregivers and Children with Type 1 Diabetes impacted!

What is life like for both Parent and Child – if Child has Type 1 Diabetes and sleep is disrupted? Research suggests that parental sleep is disrupted by daily diabetes care, including checking BG levels to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia, co-sleeping, and stress and anxiety related to children’s health . Child sleep may also be directly […]

Live Blue Consulting-Diabetes Exercise

Good Afternoon,  another sunny day in the Maritime Provinces.    August is a vacation month for many,  a chance to relax and enjoy your activities.  I hope you are finding time to enjoy some nature:-) I wanted to take a moment to explain Live Blue Consulting!   Do you know of someone who has been […]