Month: September 2020


So what is a Ghrelin?   No it’s not that cute fuzzy 80’s creature from the feature film Gremlins! GIZMO was cute:-) Ghrelin is a hormone also known as the “hunger hormone”.   Your brain saying I want food! Through the Covid 19 pandemic it has been increasingly hard to fully practice mindful eating for many. […]

Beauty of Fall- Embrace Nature

A constant is the natural beauty and fresh air of fall! Today I leave you with a strategy of practicing  mindfulness and the pause!  The pause gives you time- time gives you more awareness.  May nature be your pause❤️In your best life! Live Blue Consulting

Importance of setting micro goals!

Motivation Monday! On the heels of completing my “Girls Gone Strong” certification.  It occurred to me- when I am completely in control of a task or goal – I achieve it.  If there are multiple outside influences tied to achieving my goal from the“unknown” the outcome is not so certain.  We all have a lot […]

Are you concerned about Prediabetes?

Did you know their are multiple free resources that the government and Diabetes Canada have put in place in you are living with Diabetes or concerned with Prediabetes.   If you would like more information provides links to CANRISK assessment and other resources. If you have never checked your blood sugar and would like […]

JDRF- Type 1 Diabetes-FUNDRAISER “action shots”

Thank you to all contributors for the success of Paddle it Forward for JDRF! Here are some of the accomplishments, motivation pictures, Kms paddled- excuse some of my gps info- some trips the signal was lost and speeds are not reflective of my stop and starts.     Paddling Grand Lake is always an adventure […]