Month: January 2021

Monday Motivation- Part 3 Booty Burn

Micro Movement Sets- Part 3 – Booty Burn 2 Minutes Easy- 2 Moves # 1- Run on spot- 30 seconds #2- Sumo Squat- 30 seconds Repeat- no rest on this one for full 2 minutes. This will raise your heartrate/improve cardiovascular endurance/ help with speed and mobility as well as isolation in your sumo squat.

Lessons and Everyone needs Cheerleaders!

For a very long time I have had my early morning fitness/ meditation routines.   There is something tranquil about the am.   There has been a lot of personal upheaval to deal with in life – outside of Covid norms.    Morning routine sets my day and allows me to really concentrate on letting […]

Managing Anxiety with Exercise!

In todays world many are being challenged like never before with overload!    Thoughts, feelings, technology, fear of future and the list goes on and on!    Biggest lesson I learned was letting go of things I just cannot control- folks that is our world right now! NASM article on Managing Anxiety with Exercise. AFM_Fall19_CEU_Corner […]

Move with Dani- Booty Burn- Part 2

Building Bridges! 2 Minute Set- designed to be added to Part 1 Glutes I released last week!   Remember these are micro bursts that do not require a lot of time.   These must be completed controlled for full muscle activation.  Shaking muscles means your working and you will grow your fitness level:-) Here is […]