Month: March 2021

Finding your Fit with a Personal Trainer?A look at Supplement Regulation

If you are considering a Personal Trainer,  the attached presentation gives you a glimpse on a few things you may want to consider and can expect.   There are many more criteria I am sure you will have for you own review,  this is representative of knowing standard processes you should be aware of. Additionally, […]

Habit Challenge- Day 21- Monday March 29

Happy Sunday:-). Tomorrows Challenge…… Eat the colors of the rainbow! (ROYGBIV). If you aren’t prepped for this one, add it into one of the next few days!Be creative here.Some basic suggestions:Red Tomatoes, red peppersOrange: orangesYellow: banana or yellow peppersGreen: Any leafy greensBlue: Blueberries! 🙂 or??Indigo/Violet (purple): Eggplant (check how to cook these…can be bitter if […]

Habit Challenge- Day 20- March 28

Eliminate sugary drinks! Juices, colas, energy drinks and yes alcohol. lets stick to low or no sugar content in your beverages today. Coffee? Lets stick to 1tsp or less. Sugary drinks have been found to increase the risk of overall health issues and cancers   Have an amazing Sunday!   Danielle Live Blue Consulting

Healthy Habits- Day 18 -March 26

Hopefully by now you are pre-planning your week of meals and including your snacks. But often times, snacks can be difficult because you may need to have them stored in a cooler or fridge. What a lot of times we don’t realize, is these need to be pre planned too. Carrots and hummus, greek yogurt, […]

Healthy Habits- March 25-Day 17

Go ahead and have a treat. We have been on it the last almost three weeks, with implementing all sorts of fun healthy habits. But lets face it, sometimes its nice to indulge and give yourself a pat on the back with your fav treat. Depending on your goals, when I develop individual plans, we […]

Healthy Habits -Day 16

Make something in your instapot or crock pot. If you already use these regularly, find a new recipe. If you have one but its full of dust, bust it out! When meal planning for the week, these two items are GREAT tools for healthy meal prepping. I’m in love with the instapot because it cooks […]

Food Labels and Macronutrients-Zoom

Happy Monday!   Attached is a 1 hour presentation on Macros and Food Labels! If you are looking to develop cleaner eating habits- this presentation is for you!   Live Your Best Life,   Danielle Pointon Live Blue Consulting    

Healthy Habits-Day 15- March 23

Day 15- March 23. 🌸🤙❤️. Try a new protein bar with low sugar content and at least 15g of protein.Protein bars…they are a great on the go treat, especially post workout, but BE CAREFUL! A lot of these bars are LOAED with added sugars. And we all know that some are so tasty, and others […]

Healthy Habit Challenge-Day 14-March 22

MONDAY March 22:-).  What are your plans for meals today? Check out that plan and google some ways you can incorporate fresh herbs…Not planning to cook today…add it in a shake..There are many health benefits and antioxidants in herbs and spices…plus it mixes up the flavor tons! Go with FRESH, not herbs in a container. […]