Month: November 2021

Topic of Gratitude and Swimming a great activity for all ages!

Happy Friday, As things open up and restrictions ease, I could not help but notice the activity in a local pool.  When seasons shift especially in the Northern Hemisphere- we battle with very dark mornings and dark evenings earlier.    Temperatures are plummeting and ice is starting to form.   For me that signals the […]

Motivators- Who are yours?

Do you set yourself goals?  If so,  do you also make a list of the motivators and possible obstructions that may occur? This is equally as important as the goal setting- because these motivators will put gas in your engine and help you get to the finish line. My motivator to beat my running time […]

Goal Setting

Happy Monday! Do you find you need help with goal planning?   Someone to bounce ideas off of and put pen to paper for the baby steps into what I call the mamouth life manoeuvres.   Coaches still need coaches…..  or shall I say motivators.  So I live by this and have this – its […]