Month: February 2022

Meal Time- got you stressed?

Happy Sunday, If you are anything like me, the idea of meal planning for the upcoming week can seem daunting!   It does take organization but it is easier than you think. Here are top three ideas I learned from my own nutrition coach that helped,  I hope this may spur an idea for you […]

Importance of a Self Care Routine!

FIRST – Let me introduce you to Jax- Huskies love the snow and pulling.  It’s more like him taking us for a walk.  The sunshine bonus was much needed after consecutive winter storms leaving our trails unrunable/barely walkable.  Spring is in sight.  This was yesterday at a local park in Nova Scotia. Happy Sunday-  today […]


Hello and Happy Friday!  I also call it finalize Friday. Do you want to know what can make you feel accomplished and more motivated?  Finish something you started!    Ok your saying “I KNOW THAT” already.   Well, I still will challenge you!   What is something this month  you started and did not have […]

A tip to boost mood and keep us feeling young!

Here in Canada,  things are still a bit chilly!  Yesterday was my first trip out to the ocean in a couple months and it was fresh, beautiful and busy by the seaside. One of the best things that motivates me is to do something new! I went looking for sea/clam shells and ocean rocks for […]

Motivational Monday-Persistence

Now that we are well into 2022,  we are making headway on our countdown to spring.   Imagine the feel of warm air breezes, more daylight hours,  birds in song, flowing water, etc.   This is all right around the corner.  For many places in the Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing incredibly cold temperatures alongside going to […]