Month: April 2022

Could you be on too much Diabetes medication? Dr. Sue comments!

Happy Easter Weekend- blessings to all, and may your weekend be everything you want it to be! For my Diabetes community, here is an article from Dr. Sue!   Could you be on too much Diabetes medication? Could you be on too much diabetes medication?   I am sharing yesterday’s sunrise!   This morning was […]

Uncovering your best life journey!

Do you have a physical activity or sport in your life today where time passes easy and leaves you wanting more, you feel connected and inspired?   My hope for everyone is that the answer is “yes”….  If not- it is time you explore.  I promise you, it is the best journey you will ever have. […]

It’s Friday- Stop and appreciate beauty in simplicity l

Thank you if you follow my lifestyle blog! Happy Friyay-  first week of April ✅! What an amazing week outside.    Yesterday at the park I seen an elderly gentleman in his late 80’s walking with his 2 walking canes and little Shih Tzu dog- oh ya- uphill.  Something about him made me smile. I […]

There is magic in “movement”

Happy Wednesday-I heard on the radio this morning one of those crazy studies- apparently the average first “smile” of the day is at 11am.   I do not believe that can be true- if it is, there is a serious problem. Now- if you wake in the morning to stiff joints, motion that is not […]

Physical Activity with Children- Starting Simple

Happy Friday! For those who follow my lifestyle blog- I have had a tremendous opportunity to get to know/teach and play with 25 children on a daily basis for several months. Let it be said their energy, smiles and uniqueness in personality is always interesting and makes me laugh and smile. I see why teachers […]