Avoid Overthinking and Perfectionism – Just Start….

Last week I wrote about the effects fluctuating hormones have on our body and brain, and how physical activity can help balance that out.   Also, I wrote about not overthinking about how you move in your day, as long as you do it.     Have you ever watch Golden Girls?  This has to be the best classic comedy, because it is so real.   These ladies when they talk about hormones and fitness, have you burning calories from laughter.   I want everyone to have their best chance at managing the onset of any chronic illness and having fun at the same time.

Remember if you are wanting help -I offered a no charge resource to help get you get started your way.    Our team of professional associates are all about educating and wanting to hear your success journey.   Sooooo…..This is my Call to Action for you…..


If your still reading- here is another great find I have for you,   on quick food!  One of the products I highly recommend is from Made with Local  :  These are amazing all natural products.  What some people do not fully understand is when you eat really good nutritional products/and protein- this will sustain and satisfy.  It is not empty calories that leave you hungry 30 minutes later- unless you are doing a power packed work out.  (For my endurance stuff I have to reload every 45 min-this works with cliff pudding packs)

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In closing- we are expecting Hurricane Fiona tonight – I hope she is gentle and turns into post tropical before landfall.  (Atlantic Canada a Hurricane a – comin.)  Here is a Golden Girl Hurricane moment.  PS my header picture is from a Firey Montana Sky in August 2022.  It lasted about 5 minutes at its peak and it was epic.