A Christmas Cookbook – living with Diabetes.

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A Christmas cookbook – designed with special recipies for those living with Diabetes.




Publisher’s Summary

Are you having headache planning a Christmas meal for your diabetic loved one?

Unlike other books, this guide shares the recipes using ingredients that are low sugar and have high fiber carbs for you and your loved ones to enjoy this X’mas without worries.

From this audiobook you will discover:

  • The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes to enable you to seek early medical advice to fight off diabetes
  • The type of power foods that can help you regulate your blood sugar and feel satisfied longer
  • Ten simple guidelines towards healthy diet that can help you improve diabetes
  • The best supplements for diabetes and the specific benefit to help your body maintain the nutrients and reverse diabetes
  • Many mouth-watering and easy to follow recipes which you can prepare for this X’mas
  • And much, much more

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