About Us


“We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails…………..”

I am a water lover inside and out and live in pursuit of connection too nature and making a difference for the greater good.  You will find I use a lot of metapors about our mother natures-big blue because that is my language and my passion in my own way.  Just being near the ocean or on a lake kayaking, swimming or stand up paddleboarding is zen for me.   While I believe water is in my DNA-I am genetically dispositioned with a strong lineage of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer in my family.  Speaking from the heart my “Live Blue” lifestyle helps me grow, manage stress, compete:-), push my limits and exercise.

Dani’s Video Story

I often quote “My mother gave me roots and my father gave me wings……………”  Our lineage not only makes up part of our DNA it plays a part in who we grow up to be.

Early in my life –age 22, before my career really got started I had a slip and fall accident on ice. Does not sound bad right! Wrong-after the first hospital rejected me because the break was too severe – I was sent to another one three hours away from home. I still remember the Doctor thinking I was in a major car incident or something extreme-he had trouble comprehending a slip and fall. He told me to prepare for a possible amputation! I cannot quite remember how long the first surgery was but is was 8-10 hours. Post surgery, I had an arm but they fused it in one position with lots of wire/screws and plate. My elbow had been completely blown out. The doctor told of my new limitations! Upside- I had a limb.
I am not good with limitations- my personal coding does not compute sometimes. Fast forward 1.5 years later, different surgeons and experimental surgeries –all but 25% movement has returned. There is nO feeling in the back of my arm but I can move it! Now that I can move it- I use it! THANK YOU
Post accident my career ramped up as a sales and marketing executive for 14 years-6 years in management. Between the roles of wife, mom, career employee years went by fast. As genetics and a fast paced corporate career would have it, it was not difficult for me to gain weight. This is where my love for water comes back in, I started back into water sports 2012, learning sprint kayaking and War Canoe. As a child I learned sailing, windsurfing and water skiing and loved the water. In 2016 I wrote my exam to become a National Official in Sprint Canoe and Kayak-if I was not on the water practicing I was volunteering in the sport. This was a fun chapter of life.
In 2015 my perfect storm would hit hard!  That is a story over coffee!  Today I commit to live each day with purpose and in 2019 I started my business LIVE BLUE Consulting. Fitness and meeting others who have a like minded life mission for improvement means a lot to me. It’s not about perfection, having a perfect physique, or winning a sport. It’s about the soulful and purposeful intention to fully commitment day after day to making myself better, knowing along the way I am doing the best I can. My accreditations with National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainor, Medical based Diabetes Exercise Certification and Paddle Canada Instructor certifications were passions for me which gave birth to LIVE BLUE Consulting.