Motivation Monday-Your Best Life

Will you try something new today?   I have always found when I do something new- even if I am not so great at it,  if gives me a rush:-) You may love cooking-maybe try a new recipe! You may love running- maybe try a new route! You may love connecting with people- could you […]

Sleep – Oh what a feeling!

As incredible as it can feel to challenge ourselves and get that heart rate up-  it is important to realize Sleep is a critical component in recovery.  Get those 💤😊 It’s helpful to view sleep as a “reset”- it is commonly understood in three stages: 1- Shallow 2- Deep (slow-wave) 3- Rapid Eye Movement (REM) […]


As I create these posts to share and hopefully inspire- I want it to be known the intent is to get an audience of people to really think about putting themselves first- simply put if you run your tank dry you will not have the fuel to give your best self to others who matter […]

FLOW-Are you harnessing it in your lifestyle?

Enjoyment, we need to take pleasure in whatever we are doing in the moment! This is part of a lifestyle conditioning program,   believe it or not this does not come easy for everyone.   It is a conditioning and mindset. The ability to harness our creative juices and access energy to solve many of […]

Managing your Gremlins?

Have you heard this before?   Peeps- this is also known as your inner voice!   Brene Brown uses this to coin “Shame Types”. Oh the stories we can tell ourselves about our own unworthiness. If your inner critic is nattering away in your head causing self-doubt or self-criticism – be mindful of what the […]

World class- Science Based Education on Obesity

DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH WEIGHT? If the answer is Yes- understand you are not alone and there are resources that are free and available to you!     The OAC is hosting free seminars that provide quality resources.   If this is of interest to you please click link below:-) Live Your Best Life ……………. […]

Emotional Intelligence is the new Black! Are we on the cusp of a Values Revolution?

Emotional Intelligence is a skill everyone needs in their wardrobe!  Research suggests that if a leader of a company has high emotional intelligence – the company overall experiences less turn over, greater loyalty and more engagement.     Clearly Emotional Intelligence is a differentiator!  So how can we educate ourselves better and make this an everyday working […]

Women don’t need more rules to live by.

A very important part of Live Blue Consulting surrounds women’s health.   Statistically speaking when it comes to people who seek out assistance with their lifestyle goals – it is usually women.   Physiological day to day realities for women – are  rarely discussed in standard personal training practices.     If you add in a chronic illness such […]