Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2023!

No epic sunshine in NS today,  Jan 1, 2023.   What we do have is mild, light rain and shallow waves rolling in at the seaside.  NO epic sunrise shot, but here is me looking like a drowned rat- with sand everywhere.    (pictures below)

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Keep your dreams alive in 2023,




PS- this is good…

Momma’s tips for Living Your Best Life!

Be Ackward and Brave…  this one might be Brene Brown’s

Be YOU! There is noone else that can do that job.  (That is 100 percent passed down from my mother)

NEVER ever try to convince anyone of your worth.  If they can’t see it, that is not your problem.

What other people think of you – is none of your business!

The wise old owl reminded me if it sounds to good to be true, its more than likely false.


Stay lovable and happy!


Dani  xoxo