HUNGRY-NO TIME- Prepared snacks save the day!

In as little as a half hour once a week you can prepare your favourite “go to” snack that has all the great nutritional benefits.  Once my banana or oatmeal muffins are done and granola bars – I individually freeze them and take out once a day.   If I did not freeze them- they […]

Food Fasting debate – Autumn Bates

Here is the drop of Danica’s podcast interviewing Autumn Bates-Nutritionist.  Good down to earth advise. Various Fasting Windows. Benefits of Walking. Whole Foods as your source to get your necessary vitamins and minerals. When your body is using fat as a source of fuel or carbohydrates.  Intense exercise and blood glucose spikes- the why!   […]

Don’t accept Chronic Pain-Micro Movement’s your way

Don’t accept chronic pain – build in micro movements into your day and feel the benefits. Leading into my 5th decade of my life- I am blessed with movement that I almost lost from an accident.  With that said it does not mean I have not started to feel my years!   I just refuse […]

Update – Bluezones – 4 week plan and Podcast

This one was too good not to share. First- we are experiencing the March Melt! Here is this mornings shot by the lake as we were able to get out. I did a segment last year on the worlds longest living people – as shared by Dan Buettner and National Geographic called Blue Zones.  A […]

Embacing Weather? The groundhog did not lie!

It’s Friday! Another snowstorm- over 20cm in Nova Scotia.  There is no shortage of exercise between, shoveling and scraping.   Even walking takes so much more energy as you plow through the banks! The groundhog did his prediction right for 2022. This month is my Les Mills challenge every morning (dance, shabam and all things […]

Born to Move

Did you know one of the biggest concerns that weighs on medical professionals minds is how to help their clients understand the importance of incorporating movement into their day, that can raise heart rates, condition the lungs and promote mind health. The stats indicate children and youth during the Covid pandemic had less activity- which […]

Meal Time- got you stressed?

Happy Sunday, If you are anything like me, the idea of meal planning for the upcoming week can seem daunting!   It does take organization but it is easier than you think. Here are top three ideas I learned from my own nutrition coach that helped,  I hope this may spur an idea for you […]

Importance of a Self Care Routine!

FIRST – Let me introduce you to Jax- Huskies love the snow and pulling.  It’s more like him taking us for a walk.  The sunshine bonus was much needed after consecutive winter storms leaving our trails unrunable/barely walkable.  Spring is in sight.  This was yesterday at a local park in Nova Scotia. Happy Sunday-  today […]