BOKS Canada- Keeping Kids Moving

Happy Sunday,

Today, a gentle reminder of the invaluable resource of  “BOKS Canada”! A focused approach on building activity into the day of children and trying new things.

In this above picture we were working on getting the child comfortable with standing up on the SUP board.  Within 10 minutes – he was all set.  Onto the next challenge.

With that said, most of us know getting children comfortable and enjoying connection to physical activity can be tough!   As a reminder from my previous post in January, BOKS Canada makes this process much easier for teachers, parents, coaches and/or anyone who has the privilege of helping children develop.   Please see my attached link below which is the BOKS “MAY “calendar.  They make this as easy as putting milk in your Sunday morning coffee:-)

Canada – May 2022 Fitness Calendar

Have a great day,

Ps – here is a little “humour”- think ketone:-)



Keep on Movin:-)