BOKS Children- The right tools and habits can help prevent onset Prediabetes and Diabetes Type 2

Happy Sunday- If you have a child with Diabetes, you are well aware of the diligent self care required to ensure extreme lows and highs in blood glucose levels are prevented. The best way to ensure success is to teach children the habits and routines that will carry them through life. This does NOT mean never eating a cookie again or not having an ice cream (unless there are other conditions/alergies), what it does mean is coaching our children and guiding them on what makes sense for them as an individual. Knowing limits and listening to one’s body is not an easy task- in fact I believe this is a never ending task for all of us in life. Physical Activity is a big part of this equation.

For our best possible chance at creating a world where there is less diabetes Type 2 and prediabetes we must educate on movement/physical activity at a young age.

I came across an amazing resource over the last couple of weeks that I would like to share. BOKS- Build our Kids Success, is an incredible resource that is provided at no cost. It provides everything your children need to get active- you can have BOKS trainers at your finger tips that can get children working together or individually in a fun way.

Anyone caring for children can benefit from this!

Research and enjoy this content if you are raising or caring for children. Together we can encourage children to become more active – further reducing onset prediabetes or diabetes type 2.

Today was Yoga for me – it feels so good to stretch and breathe leading up to a busy week.

Danielle Pointon
Live Blue Consulting