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Women’s Health -The Ripple Effect

Happy Friyay! Women supporting other women is a habit, pure and simple!  Like any other type of habit it’s practiced on a regular basis.   As Molly Gailbraith would say in her book Strong Women! At Live Blue Consulting we discuss a lot about mindset and habits and also life!  Because that my friends is what […]

Grind is Good-Monday Motivation

Monday can always feel like a grind! Grind is Good….. If you start the day with optimism and gratitude most things work out.  I follow the three “G”s  in life .    No games, NO energy Gorilla’s and Gratitude.    To follow these rules you have to be observant and control reactions to situations.  Patterns […]

Positivity is needed for Healthy Lifestyle

Happy Thursday- Today is about the Power of Positivity! If you have ever heard of Jon Gordon-he knows all about inspiring leaders and people from all walks of life to elevate through positivity.   We do this by making good purposeful choices everyday, that grow our leadership, learning and support how we bring out best […]

Habit Challenge- Day 20- March 28

Eliminate sugary drinks! Juices, colas, energy drinks and yes alcohol. lets stick to low or no sugar content in your beverages today. Coffee? Lets stick to 1tsp or less. Sugary drinks have been found to increase the risk of overall health issues and cancers   Have an amazing Sunday!   Danielle Live Blue Consulting

Dat 7- Monday March 15- HABIT challenge

If you’re like me, you usually eat a lot of the same foods, so your trip to the grocery store (especially the veggie isle) is pretty robotic. You go grab lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and peppers for your weekly salad. BUT have you actually SEEN that greens section! There are SO many different things in […]

Inspire with “I CARE” – Wellness care packages

People never forget how you make them feel- It’s human nature! Frequent employee appreciation produces the strongest employee engagement. R.I.S.E – fostering cultures of appreciation. “I CARE❤️” by Live Blue Consulting Healthy mind and body, thank- you care packages. #wellnessatwork #employeeengagement