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Knowledge is power! Exercise is a medicine for managing your diabetes…

1 in 3 Canadians will acquire a form of diabetes!  That is what the research tells us.  Are you one of the three?  Find your superpowers to learn and experiment.   What works for you?  Your healthcare team can help.    Exercise is both mind and body medicine. (check out my exercise video below from this […]

Athletes Guide to Diabetes

Did you know? There are many high performance athletes across many different disciplines who have diabetes! Just how do they do it?  Is it safe? How can it best be managed?  While there is no simple answer, the approach to their care will vary in their self care routines.   YES,  most definitely they can compete, […]

Fraud Prevention- Do Not Risk Your Best Life- My Story…

May 29th, 2023- Fraud Prevention Hello, I would like to say if you live in Nova Scotia- we are sending thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the ongoing fires yesterday, we know many are being displaced from their homes as we speak and how hard that is.   Also,  a shout out to the […]

Power of sharing your stories PART 2- Live Your Best Life

About 4 weeks ago I published a blog on the power of sharing stories.  Sometimes connecting to others gives a glimpse of what it takes to find the power within yourself to live your best life. In conversation last week- someone asked me what I meant by “Your Best Life”?    I paused for a […]

Power in sharing your stories

Happy Thursday, The power of sharing our stories can help others in a big way!   In the last week I became somewhat of a magnet for people sharing their life stories with me and quite honestly one thing I could see in their face when they talked to me, was comfort.  I believe (and I […]

Daily Rule of 3 : Vitamin D/Water and Nature Therapy

There are a lot of lifestyle gurus out there.  The reality is you know you best, and quite honestly most of us are acutely aware when we are doing something that is maybe not the best for our well being. A couple shares if you follow my blog:  This is my basic daily rule of […]

Experience outdoors-FREE advice that works:-)

  HAPPY SATURDAY   My top 10 reasons why getting outside everyday in the fresh air will impact your health in a positive way… 1-  Open air connection-fresh air has higher levels of oxygen- not to mention lower levels of pollution than indoor air.   2- Exposure to nature makes you feel better emotionally.  Love […]

POWER OF CONNECTION- Build your successful habits today!

Have you ever tried to set a goal and feel like you have failed?  You must understand there is a science behind success and it is not only about you and your efforts. Yes this video is long -5 min- I apologize (that is the Canadian way) –   as a paddler, and lover of kindness […]

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2023!

No epic sunshine in NS today,  Jan 1, 2023.   What we do have is mild, light rain and shallow waves rolling in at the seaside.  NO epic sunrise shot, but here is me looking like a drowned rat- with sand everywhere.    (pictures below) As always I offer my no charge service to anyone looking […]