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Monday Motivation- The Fixing Challenge

Brilliant documentary on real life hope- feeling of expectation and knowing something can change with perseverance and connection. Choices of surviving, achieving goals and reversing severe progressing Health conditions. If you need inspiration, and looking at your own state of health-needing a change.  I hope this inspires you. Let’s eliminate medication first approach and […]

Friday Wellness Tip!

Wishing you my reader a fantastic Friday! If you feel overwhelmed with so many things out of your control, there are!  It’s a fact. Just Breathe…….. If you feel unsure of your future, you are among many- not few….. Your not alone. Just Breathe……….. Are your relationships changing with added stress- its okay what is […]

A potential new Oral Medication- Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs is a leader in the field of Diabetes Exercise Physiology, Author of 12 books and Owner of Diabetes Motion Academy.  Dr. Colberg does extensive work with American Diabetes Association and is a educator in the field for Diabetes. Her authored books are at the end of this article and are full of […]

Diabetes Prevention/Awareness- Part 2

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Much happiness and Health!   Danielle Pointon Live Blue Consulting   Ps here is my morning paddle pic:-)  The birds were singing so loud- first day I have heard them that much this year.        

Monday Motivation-Jacques Cousteau said it best!

Have a wonderful week! If you are considering seeking advise with Lifestyle self management, perhaps you have been recently diagnosed with Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.    I am happy to share some insights with you to get you on track to live Your Best Life!  Beneficial habits that can fit into your work and […]

Last Day Habit Challenge-April 6

Thanks to those who joined me the last 30 days for March Nutrition Month and 30 days of Healthy Habits!  I hope you found this info helpful for your lifestyles.   Perhaps someday I will get to see you outside or on the water enjoying some of the active ways you live life❤️ Last day […]

Healthy Habit Challenge!

Good news! Studies have shown that moderate beer intake does not blunt positive effects of 10 weeks of HIIT training on body composition in young healthy adults J Point being..its OKAY to have that glass here and there, but PLEASE pay attention to your alcohol consumption. Not because we don’t want to see you stumbling […]

Finding your Fit with a Personal Trainer?A look at Supplement Regulation

If you are considering a Personal Trainer,  the attached presentation gives you a glimpse on a few things you may want to consider and can expect.   There are many more criteria I am sure you will have for you own review,  this is representative of knowing standard processes you should be aware of. Additionally, […]

Healthy Habits- Day 18 -March 26

Hopefully by now you are pre-planning your week of meals and including your snacks. But often times, snacks can be difficult because you may need to have them stored in a cooler or fridge. What a lot of times we don’t realize, is these need to be pre planned too. Carrots and hummus, greek yogurt, […]