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Monday Motivation- Are you getting all your Greens?

  Are you feeling tired and need a boost of energy?   Touchstone Essentials products can give you that boost to put spring in your step!   One of their most popular products Supergreens  plus D – is your one stop shop to get your Greens and Vitamin D requirement. You don’t need a lot […]

Power of 9- Secrets from Longest Living People

Happy Friday-  Following up on Silver Sneakers information sessions where we took a look at wellness and lifestyle in our senior years by studying Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones data,  here is the all powerful -Power of 9: 1. Move Naturally. Moving naturally throughout the day — walking, gardening, doing housework — is a core part […]

Monday Motivation

Good Monday Morning – the second episode of Silver Sneakers will go live tonight at 6:30 Atlantic Time.  Silver Sneakers is dedicated information for those 50 years and above – wanting additional lifestyle information designed to keep you limber, energized and also understand that it is a HARMONY of many lifestyle habits uniquely combined that […]

Having Diabetes does not exclude you from eating your favorite foods!

Happy Friday, There are eight key areas of self–care behaviours that help manage diabetes @ Live Blue Consulting  . Learn more about the different tools used by people with diabetes.Eating good food and  Exercise is part of living a wholesome life. Having diabetes does not exclude you from eating your favorite foods or going to […]

Women’s Health -The Ripple Effect

Happy Friyay! Women supporting other women is a habit, pure and simple!  Like any other type of habit it’s practiced on a regular basis.   As Molly Gailbraith would say in her book Strong Women! At Live Blue Consulting we discuss a lot about mindset and habits and also life!  Because that my friends is what […]

Monday Motivation -Be Real- Your Gift is your Uniqueness!

Good Monday morning or afternoon, wherever you may be! Just a simple reminder for your Monday!  Your gift is your uniqueness.  Play it BIG and EMBRACE YOUR REAL ! The dangers of the online world is it can be extremely superficial, and lead to comparison of everything.   Beauty, Health, Fitness, Family, Travel, Pets, Relationships, Homes, Cars- […]

Monday Motivation

Hello and happy Monday,  a gentle reminder part of a healthy lifestyle is testing:-)   With that said testing can create a range of emotions for those living with Diabetes.   Just know, it is okay and very normal if testing is difficult to action. Do you have a question about exercising with Diabetes?   Please do not […]