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Daily Rule of 3 : Vitamin D/Water and Nature Therapy

There are a lot of lifestyle gurus out there.  The reality is you know you best, and quite honestly most of us are acutely aware when we are doing something that is maybe not the best for our well being. A couple shares if you follow my blog:  This is my basic daily rule of […]

POWER OF CONNECTION- Build your successful habits today!

Have you ever tried to set a goal and feel like you have failed?  You must understand there is a science behind success and it is not only about you and your efforts. Yes this video is long -5 min- I apologize (that is the Canadian way) –   as a paddler, and lover of kindness […]

WIth 4 days left in 2022- Jon Gordon the challenge is on! ONE WORD

What’s your word? Wondering what this is- please read below. This is fun- go with what sticks, heading into 2023. Offering practical lifestyle advise:-)  No charge on this one – just your brain power.   ONE WORD CHALLENGE 9 out of 10 people will fail with their resolutions. 50% of resolution makers will fail by […]

The link between Physical Activity, Hormonal changes and Brain Health

Are you a woman and experiencing hormonal changes?   Trust me on this one, if you are struggling to find the time to add a bit a physical activity into your day-you will want to find the time.   Your brain health (reward system) will thank you and amaze you. Did you know as a woman your  […]

BOKS Canada- Keeping Kids Moving

Happy Sunday, Today, a gentle reminder of the invaluable resource of  “BOKS Canada”! A focused approach on building activity into the day of children and trying new things. In this above picture we were working on getting the child comfortable with standing up on the SUP board.  Within 10 minutes – he was all set.  […]

Uncovering your best life journey!

Do you have a physical activity or sport in your life today where time passes easy and leaves you wanting more, you feel connected and inspired?   My hope for everyone is that the answer is “yes”….  If not- it is time you explore.  I promise you, it is the best journey you will ever have. […]

Monday Motivation

It rained, it snowed and the sun shined all before 9:00 am! Remember good sleep, less time sitting with more time moving is associated with better health outcomes. Wishing you a wonderful week!