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Friday Favorite Tips! Being Present and Fitness

I am all about sharing terrific resources- Live Blue Consulting and my choosen way of life offers me a wide range of training opportunities that I am happy to jump all over and share! Sure I have been trained as a personal trainer and diabetes exercise specialist,  I hope and want all people to experience […]

Monday Motivation- Signs you need to Detox

Happy Monday- Last week I shared the Vitamin D benefits.   After listening to Danica Patricks podcast on Pretty Intense, I was reminded of the benefits of detoxing our bodies from everyday exposures.  Here are 7 signs you may need to detox!  I have used Touchstone essentials Pure Body product – it is simple to […]

Home gyms

Have you ever wondered how much equipment you need for a home gym?   Well it kind of depends on what you you want to achieve!   For myself,  this year I added a balance beam and pully (super easy).    I train paddling dry land exercises and need extra balance challenges.   With that […]

A Year in Review-Live Blue

A snippit from my 2021 the Live Blue Way! This is where smartphones are good,  to remember:-)   Have a great Wednesday. Danielle Pointon Live Blue Consulting            

Do you see?

Wishing you all a joyful season, Your here- no matter what religion you practice my message to all is the same, take time to practice your gratitude and take time to give-some people find this season difficult! Its also a great time to reflect on accomplishments of this years past and  take pride in setting […]

Monday Motivation

Hello Monday- when you wake up in the morning,  do you feel energized or need that morning cup of Coffee to kick start your day? Regardless of our age if we do things that alter the natural rhythm of our circadian clock we will absolutely feel the effects!   Example- if my bedtime stays consistent, […]

Motivators- Who are yours?

Do you set yourself goals?  If so,  do you also make a list of the motivators and possible obstructions that may occur? This is equally as important as the goal setting- because these motivators will put gas in your engine and help you get to the finish line. My motivator to beat my running time […]

Fueling your Performance-Life example

  Happy Friday- If you follow my posts you will know I talk about nutrition a lot!  I have a real life story I want to share on just how important your nutrition/ fuel is to your performance for anything! Here we go! My journey starts attending a water sporting race 2000 kms ish south […]

Senior Fitness Programming Qualification added to Live Blue Consulting

Updating qualifications – I recently completed the Senior Fitness Exercise Certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine.   Considerations and programming to meet physiological needs as we age.   Optimal planning for our best lifestyles.     Have a super day,   Danielle Pointon Live Blue Consulting