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Your Best Life-Attributes and hidden drivers of performance.

Happy Friday- Often when we think of the things we want to accomplish in life – large scale, it can be overwhelming.   That’s why we must make small micro step plans of action that will propel us in the right direction.  Example-Like a summit mountain climb,  when you scale it there are times you […]

Monday Motivation- 11 Minute Stretch Routine-Inspired by GOgetFit

Happy Monday- Are you following a morning stretch routine?  Did you know as you age your chance of falling and injuring yourself after the age of 60 greatly increases!  You can train your body to increase your odds of preventing injury,  stretching in one way to keep you more flexible, limber and you can do […]

Monday Motivation- Are you getting all your Greens?

  Are you feeling tired and need a boost of energy?   Touchstone Essentials products can give you that boost to put spring in your step!   One of their most popular products Supergreens  plus D – is your one stop shop to get your Greens and Vitamin D requirement. You don’t need a lot […]

Power of 9- Secrets from Longest Living People

Happy Friday-  Following up on Silver Sneakers information sessions where we took a look at wellness and lifestyle in our senior years by studying Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones data,  here is the all powerful -Power of 9: 1. Move Naturally. Moving naturally throughout the day — walking, gardening, doing housework — is a core part […]

Aging Gracefully with Diabetes

Senior Fitness Programming- Aging in all it’s beauty!

Happy Friday- Quality of life has a significant effect on physical health, independence and functional ability. Quality of life encompasses the physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being of older adults. For example put yourself in the shoes of someone who no longer feels capable of joining in on everyday activities because of hearing loss, vision […]

Training both mind and body when living with Diabetes PLUS Catch my episode 4 Silver Sneakers -Pillars of Longevity

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Did you know each workout you do will cause some physical damage to your muscles, you ultimately end up stronger, faster and better, and your body responds to releasing fewer stress hormones during subsequent workouts.  Similarly, when you practice using relaxation techniques to control your mental stress levels, your mind learns […]

Monday Motivation

Good Monday Morning – the second episode of Silver Sneakers will go live tonight at 6:30 Atlantic Time.  Silver Sneakers is dedicated information for those 50 years and above – wanting additional lifestyle information designed to keep you limber, energized and also understand that it is a HARMONY of many lifestyle habits uniquely combined that […]

The Importance of Rest and Recovery!

Happy Sunday!   Sunday is usually a  day of rest and recovery for me.    Do you at times feel burnt out and energyless?   It’s super important we build rest into our lifestyle routines.  If you work out a lot, your muscles need time to repair themselves!  If you work in a stressful career, your mind […]