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Say “Thank you” with “I Care” Wellness Package!

Wellness products -Empowering Healthy Living and Lifestyle Habits. Self Care for all people at all times! “I Care” has a two folding meaning, “I” – represents the importance of self care. “I Care” is the message of thank you or your appreciated.   To obtain a quote today contact Danielle at: Free local delivery […]

Monday Motivation- Part 3 Booty Burn

Micro Movement Sets- Part 3 – Booty Burn 2 Minutes Easy- 2 Moves # 1- Run on spot- 30 seconds #2- Sumo Squat- 30 seconds Repeat- no rest on this one for full 2 minutes. This will raise your heartrate/improve cardiovascular endurance/ help with speed and mobility as well as isolation in your sumo squat.

Lessons and Everyone needs Cheerleaders!

For a very long time I have had my early morning fitness/ meditation routines.   There is something tranquil about the am.   There has been a lot of personal upheaval to deal with in life – outside of Covid norms.    Morning routine sets my day and allows me to really concentrate on letting […]

Move with Dani- Booty Burn- Part 2

Building Bridges! 2 Minute Set- designed to be added to Part 1 Glutes I released last week!   Remember these are micro bursts that do not require a lot of time.   These must be completed controlled for full muscle activation.  Shaking muscles means your working and you will grow your fitness level:-) Here is […]

The Benefits of Squats- Move with Dani Series

With Covid still keeping many of us working from home- i will be sharing some of my micro workouts – short time frames,  geared towards relief from excessive sitting and increasing mobility in lower extremities. Here is my two minute “Booty Burn” pyramid series.   I stack it by repeating  the 2 minute set 4 […]

A gift ❤️Knowledge is POWER! Your Best Life!

Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia Christmas 2020 All the best for a healthy, prosperous and calming 2021.   As we all work through the flow that new days bring- may you find happiness in your journey.   Life is an adventure……. I have prepared this compilation of information over the last 8 months as it relates […]

Seafood – Scallops- Simple -Easy

Monday Motivation- try new things! We all know nutrition is a foundation for energy, good digestion and overall good preventative health.   It is also a cornerstone for bonding through events, special occasions and so much more emotional connection.    Experimenting will allow you to find those amazing recipes that can be a cornerstone for […]