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What’s in your vitamins

Good morning,   have you ever wondered what is in vitamins?  The attached information source will give you the down low on how to obtain what you need from natural sources- aka- foods that you eat.   Check this out! Vitamin_Chart_VBO_2_19

Where do I start if I am not use to exercise in my day?

Good news…..   the world is your oyster and you can start right where your at!   Simply put just “move”.    In the lockdowns many of us are  going through change and learning how to do things a different way.     For example- I integrated home workouts from online platforms and then learned […]

A Christmas Cookbook – living with Diabetes.

SPECIAL- join Audible today and you can get 2 free book choices.   A Christmas cookbook – designed with special recipies for those living with Diabetes. Publisher’s Summary Are you having headache planning a Christmas meal for your diabetic loved one? Unlike other books, this guide shares the recipes using ingredients that […]

Exercise Type and Order of Training

Referencing – The Athlete’s Guide To Diabetes Author-Sheri R. Colberg – PhD Exercise Type and Order of Training are a key variable when managing your glucose levels. By varying the type or order of training that you are doing during a workout session, such as whether you choose to do aerobic or resistance training first. […]

READY for Halloween – A great yummy alternative to Peanut Butter Cups

My daughter and I have a favorite Peanut Butter Snack!  For all those really trying to get their protein count in and enjoy a Halloween treat! Danis Dark Chocolate Nutty Protein treat!  (NO BAKE)   3/4 cup of nut butter 1/4 cup of honey 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1/3 cup […]