Do you see?

Wishing you all a joyful season,

Your here- no matter what religion you practice my message to all is the same, take time to practice your gratitude and take time to give-some people find this season difficult!

Its also a great time to reflect on accomplishments of this years past and  take pride in setting more growth goals.

Lifestyle is a choice- which is why “Your Best Life”  is almost a mission statement.   Have you ever seen the movie Jerry Maguire – Tom Cruise is a sports agent who has a life altering moment and writes a mission statement that he distributes to the entire firm. Fewer Clients and more quality time and service- his walking  papers came within days!

My point – his vision was to engineer a service with quality based on less is actually more! Your life can work the same but it has to be engineered that way (built).   MANAGING STRESS, SLEEP and Moderation of all things is invaluable.

I continue to be thankful for having the ability to move my body and train the way I want to, for that is a gift in itself.   Each passing day I have gratitude for the health of my family members as this can change on a dime.    This year I worked hard and competed in Canadian competition and another in the US.  For me it was about the focus and training one was short sprint the other endurance-  I log hundreds of kms on the water April – Beginning of December you have to love it for this level of commitment.  Its about the training and my Best Life.    I never compare myself to anyone- honestly I am too busy analyzing how i can do something better based on my own performance.

Live Blue Consulting like all businesses was impacted by covid-  2022 I will continue to refine my recipe and get guidance from trusted  resources.  With delight-  my work with the children at the school teaches me more about myself everyday- for Jan 2022 we started participation charting- teaching the children goals and habits!   Lets hope we are not sequestered with restrictions.

Be Safe-Be Happy- Be Positive and Practice Gratitude!

Be mindful- there are a few who are very unhappy and want to pass on pain.   No energy vampires allowed.   You go this!

Best wishes- here are a few pics of my life, racing and holiday to close 2021!


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

PS – If you can- GiveBlood:-)