Dr. Sue- TYPE 2 Diabetes – should we shift our focus to Weight Management?

Hello- I came across an excellent article posted by Dr. Sue as it relates to Type 2 Diabetes.  My Live Blue Consulting blog has focused on giving readers tips and resources that support the very essence of this blog article.

Managing weight for everyone in my family for generations has been a reality.    I read recently that upwards of 40-50 percent of what makes our weight either easy or difficult to maintain is linked to our genetic structure and what we are predisposed too.    For me, leading a lifestyle dedicated to my watersport and the love of how I feel when I take care of myself helps me maintain balance!  It does take discipline and I have to be intentional about my lifestyle best practices.

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Ps- this morning’s walk was -20 with a much earlier sunrise to embrace.   Time to bring some tropics.

Treating Type 2 Diabetes – should we shift our focus to weight management?