Emotional Intelligence is the new Black! Are we on the cusp of a Values Revolution?

Emotional Intelligence is a skill everyone needs in their wardrobe!  Research suggests that if a leader of a company has high emotional intelligence – the company overall experiences less turn over, greater loyalty and more engagement.     Clearly Emotional Intelligence is a differentiator!  So how can we educate ourselves better and make this an everyday working practice?    Live Blue Consulting is about “Your Best Self”  – understanding deep sense of meaning and purpose can provide soulful connection in everything you do.  Emotional Intelligence,  the book from “Daniel Golemen” provides incredible insight that will get you thinking.  One of the key ingredients we must embrace is Honest Feedback,  only from people you value and trust who want the best in you and know your value (Maya Angelo calls these “Kitchen Cupboard” people) , we may also call this our life “feedback loop”.  Developing your skills in empathy and listening will also help your brain develop and improve.   Stress Management is one of the 8 key elements that influence lifestyle in my program,  its important to know your values and be true to yourself and understand this is a life learning practice.   Given the impact of the Corona virus – value alignment may have just tipped the scales for what people want in employers and what employers want in people!    What is your growth mindset today?  How well do you relate the these 4 elements of Cultivating Emotional Intelligence?

  1. Self awareness
  2. Self management
  3. Achieving your Goals (Grit)
  4. Relationships

Have a fantastic Friday,


Danielle Pointon

Diabetes Exercise and Lifestyle Specialist

Live Blue Consulting


Ps- The header picture is my paddle this morning at Shubi Campground in Dartmouth! 

Pss- My personal life journey has taught me the areas I really need to be aware of!   From there I develop strategies that ultimately train my brain to adapt for improvements.  Minimizing stress responses for My Best Life- work in progress:-)

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