Exercise Type and Order of Training

Referencing – The Athlete’s Guide To Diabetes

Author-Sheri R. Colberg – PhD

Exercise Type and Order of Training are a key variable when managing your glucose levels.

By varying the type or order of training that you are doing during a workout session, such as whether you choose to do aerobic or resistance training first.

Blood glucose levels tend to fall more during moderate aerobic exercise and less afterward when compared with resistance workouts!

If you are planning to do both activities in the same workout-you can vary accordingly.

Example-If you are starting out on the low side with your glucose levels- do your resistance training first, followed by aerobic.   If you are showing high glucose levels, begin with easy to moderate aerobic training to drop your levels and follow with resistance.

Remember everyone has their own unique set of circumstances- really get to know your system by frequently doing blood glucose checks- before, during and post workouts.   One of the biggest fears surrounding starting a new exercise plan for Type 1 Diabetics is having situations of hypoglycaemia.   Empowering yourself with knowledge through trial and error will let you refine what works for you.

ps- never forget to have your glucose/ fast acting carbohydrate treat to prevent lows.   Be cognizant not to over treat with too much.   Taking 4-15 grams of rapidly digested carbohydrates and waiting 5-10 minutes and retesting your glucose level is a good safety measure and preventative measure.

For more excellent information- Sheri’s book is at Chapters and Amazon.   It is a wealth of knowledge.

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