Experience outdoors-FREE advice that works:-)




My top 10 reasons why getting outside everyday in the fresh air will impact your health in a positive way…

1-  Open air connection-fresh air has higher levels of oxygen- not to mention lower levels of pollution than indoor air.


2- Exposure to nature makes you feel better emotionally.  Love the ☀️ vitamin D


3- It contributes to your Physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and production of stress hormones.

4 – The less stressed you are the better your skin looks.

5 – Giving my mind the permission to explore all elements around me that cannot be found indoors.

6-  Trust me- the animals talk!  Woodpecker, Owl, Eagles, Deer, Porcupine, fox, turtles, Seal, Dolphins,  baby shark, Manatees.   I have personal stories about all these beautiful creatures.

7- Wind/Air, Water, Earth and Fire – the elements!


8- Feeling how your body responds to extremes!  Check out my picture below of our recent polar vortex.  The baby hair on my face looked like I had a beard.  I do polar dips- ice baths- your sensory changes.

9.  It’s real- all your senses awaken and trust what they see.  Can you say that about your smartphone?

10.   My favourite- the Night sky!  Have you ever swam in the middle of the night when the sky is crystal clear?  Super amazing.

Hope you all find your reason to connect with outside!  Pictures below are of Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia and Polar Vortex in the last couple weeks.


After exploring this is what it does to the dog for the rest of the day:-)  yes he is a Siberian… Winter is his jam🥶