Fitwel VIRAL Response Certification for Workplace

Does your organization have a response plan in place that addresses the health of your occupants in today’s climate? Do your occupants know the plan?  Do you know a Blue Print has been created by key stakeholders across Health, Build and Design industry to simplify this process at a low cost and in a formula that will take appx. 6 weeks!

FITWEL certification provides a theory and evidence based comprehensive strategy addressing critical design components for  viral outbreak preparedness, enhanced cleaning and maintenance, occupant behaviour change methodology and indoor air quality.

The reality is Covid 19 was far more severe for those who are presently living with a chronic illness-but we must take the necessary planning steps for prevention for the overall health of our population.  Fitwels team of Specialists in the Medical, Design and Build industries created the Blue Print.   It will be available in weeks for implementation.

At Live Blue consulting we are about Your Best Life and have researched information on Lifestyle optimization if you are living with a Chronic Illness.   Employers know now more than ever a harmony needs to exist in both work and home..   Corporate Citizenship is held in high regard.


Your Best Life,


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting


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