Friday Favorite Tips! Being Present and Fitness

I am all about sharing terrific resources- Live Blue Consulting and my choosen way of life offers me a wide range of training opportunities that I am happy to jump all over and share!

Sure I have been trained as a personal trainer and diabetes exercise specialist,  I hope and want all people to experience connection to their best self and life.

It all started because I was seeking first hand knowledge on how to better my own lifestyle.

The reality is everyone’s mindset is different regarding lifestyle choices and habits!   Biggest thing I learned is NOT attempting to fit into someone else’s box idea of what I should be or can be, that ball is in our own court!   With that said I believe the universe gives us clues to move us in the right direction or gently nudge us-  when I am in a state of flow I can feel this ( internal compass).  As hard as it is try to never judge anyone else regarding lifestyle choices!    Example:  that person you see smoking cigarette after cigarette- might be a newly recovering alcoholic.   Focus on you!

So here are two top tips that helped me!   I take a block of time to turn off all my media and electronic devices as a daily habit. Choose what works and just try it!  It’s not for everyone I realize and respect that.  This helps with connection to yourself and being present- furthermore reducing stress.

Fitness- while I cross train and like to mix it up for winter training-this week I went back to Les Mills for their 6 week challenge to add in with my swimming and weights.

This is a solution for almost anyone who has access to technology – it can be done virtually anywhere.   Loads of upbeat, postive motivation and even the opportunity for you to join a facebook likeminded group- if that’s your jam.    If you are looking for a schedule that has daily assignments but still some flexibility – 30-45 time commitment.  Les Mills Booster challenges are for all skill levels wrapped up in an amazing 6 week challenge.   When you sign up they give you everything, talk about goal setting and nutrition.   Because of their scale they are able to offer at an incredible cost.  So this is my top tip #2!

I am going to have fun with this- hope you can too.

Did you know one of the best exercises you can do is plank- your core and body stabilization system becomes fully engaged when this is executed properly.  Here are some pics in my gym.

Getting real with my results,  I always push my plank times.  One of my goals!

Here is a picture from a park run this am.   We were -25 this week with wind and another storm enroute now!   This is where home workouts are King!  ( or shall I say Queen)