Fueling your Performance-Life example


Happy Friday- If you follow my posts you will know I talk about nutrition a lot!  I have a real life story I want to share on just how important your nutrition/ fuel is to your performance for anything!

Here we go!

My journey starts attending a water sporting race 2000 kms ish south of where I live in Canada last week.  Heading to Tennessee by air-Land borders are closed so my dad who lives in US has my new boat all ready to go there!  Epic Surfski V10L- I loved it!

My journey started out with my flight from Canada into Columbus being downsized and the gates changed quite quickly to accommodate the new aircraft.   Made it to the gate with time to spare and sitting on the plane (YEY).   Enroute the customs luggage handlers advised me- my luggage with all my nutrition and safety gear probably won’t make it!   Not sure why – there was plenty of time but Okay- let’s roll with it!

Sending texts to my dad – who’s my side kick for the event – lot’s of instructions:

DAD- life jacket

DAD- safety line

DAD- Duck Tape

And it goes on…….

Dad’s response- Danielle I am 70 and have never had a lost bag! I said welcome to Dani’s world…. It’s a ride….


My flight lands in Columbus and I have a paddle- that piece made it but no nutrition and safety that I trained with…. yikes.😭ROLL with it! Yes – I know I already said that! I added it again for dramatic effect.

Did I say the race was 51 km…. Well thank you to Dick’s- nutrition and safety gear problem solved.

Check mark ✅ We are at race registration for 5:30 am – feeling  stoked and ready to rock….  Safety meeting 7:30 am, race start 9:00 ish…

Feeling solid and fast with my new ski- oh yes feeling the love.  For the first 10 Miles!   Here is the nutrition lesson as a fuel- endurance sports are tricky and you need to have a handle on your intake of fluid and carbs/sugar,  the gels I trained with were not available so I had to substitute them.   Well they did not agree with me and I ended up dehydrated because I could not digest them.

Did I finish the 51 km- YES,  the difference is finishing feeling great or struggling to get those last miles in!   This one was for the books, and while my time was still bettered, if my nutrition was on point I would have rocked it even faster.    Airline did drop bag three days later🙏  Next race……

I learned a lot about the attributes I have and the ones I need to work on.  (Sarcasm)

All in all- what a great experience, dad was amazing at being a cheerleader and organizer for me.

Nashville and football game post race was epic again!

So- always test your nutrition and understand it really is like fuel for a car!

Live your best life,


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting