So what is a Ghrelin?   No it’s not that cute fuzzy 80’s creature from the feature film Gremlins! GIZMO was cute:-)

Ghrelin is a hormone also known as the “hunger hormone”.   Your brain saying I want food!

Through the Covid 19 pandemic it has been increasingly hard to fully practice mindful eating for many.

Did you know by simply slowing down and chewing each bite of food – enjoying its taste, texture and smell can reduce your body’s ghrelin level and ultimately lead to a reduction in calorie intake!   It takes appx 20 minutes for  the stomach to signal to the brain you are no longer hungry.  The more you chew and savor your food also allows your body easier access to your foods nutrients.

In the movie Gremlins as I mentioned above- Gizmo was not allowed to eat after midnight or get wet  – if he did he produced out of control offspring that ate everything in site, destructive and Uber messy and looked like this:-0. – Meet Spike!

A golden rule that is situational around your family and work needs – is to not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.   One does not have to be perfect – doing your best to make this a habit is just good practice.

Because I loved Gremlins- if I crave a late night snack my inner voice is asking – Do you want to be Gizmo or Spike?

Hoping your Wednesday is great,


Danielle Pointon

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