Grind is Good-Monday Motivation

Monday can always feel like a grind!

Grind is Good…..

If you start the day with optimism and gratitude most things work out.  I follow the three “G”s  in life .    No games, NO energy Gorilla’s and Gratitude.    To follow these rules you have to be observant and control reactions to situations.  Patterns do present themselves and will give you your way forward to your best lifestyle choices.

Note: Solid Life advise- if you have a chronic illness your energy needs to be focused on you first.

Tip – If you have Diabetes and need a starting point for more credible information check out the below link.—resources/ask-the-experts

Wishing you a wonderful Monday,

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting!

Here is a quick pic of this mornings practice- gets my heart rate up and allows me to be out in nature!