Having Diabetes does not exclude you from eating your favorite foods!

Happy Friday,

There are eight key areas of selfcare behaviours that help manage diabetes @ Live Blue Consulting  . Learn more about the different tools used by people with diabetes.Eating good food and  Exercise is part of living a wholesome life. Having diabetes does not exclude you from eating your favorite foods or going to your favorite restaurants, and it does not stop you from doing the things you love.
Here are 7 of Nature’s Best ingredients for Blood Sugar (Glucose) Control! Check out my video.

Check out this article from Richard Branson on learning new things!  It is stimuli for our brain and can awaken all our sensory perceptions.  Not to mention oodles of fun!  (not sure it that’s a word, but you catch my drift)

Happy Friday and July  5th is when the 6 sessions of diabetes care starts.  (once a week on Monday evenings)

To sign up today contact Danielle at liveblueconsulting@gmail.com.   The 6 weeks is a no-charge introductory session, to give you information and learn more about the services offered that can assist you in your journey of self-empowerment and care:-)