Healthy Habit Challenge- Day 12

Happy Friday!   Here is your Saturday March 20 Challenge 🙂

  1.  Have you ever tried using a smaller plate?   It really does make a difference!
  2. Do you avoid eating veggies, because others in the house do not like them?
  3. Do you feel you need more energy?

My Healthy Habit challenge is designed to help you identify things that can increase your energy.

If you would like any additional information- please reach out!

Happy to help you in your journey!

Question- Did you know in the Northern Hemisphere many of us become deficient in Vitamin D during winter months!   How do you get your Vitamin D?


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

PS- Did you know if you have Type 1 Diabetes- you can now be a blood donor and help save a life!❤️