Healthy Habits-Day 15- March 23

Day 15- March 23. 🌸🤙❤️. Try a new protein bar with low sugar content and at least 15g of protein.Protein bars…they are a great on the go treat, especially post workout, but BE CAREFUL! A lot of these bars are LOAED with added sugars. And we all know that some are so tasty, and others are cardboard! So a few tricks…

#1 pay attention to the carb/sugar count. Yes, for post workout, carbs are an added benefit. But if you area using these as mid day snacks on top of everything else, you might be throwing off your macro balance.

2 choose one with at least 15g of protein. And try to aim more for 20-25g. I say this because anything under 15g is really just like a semi glorified candy bar. Best tip to find some good ones..trial and error. g to your local grocery store of vitamin shop, and grab a bunch of different brands and flavors to will eventually hit the spot. Also, find your more ‘pure bars’ for most times but also look for a good ‘cheat bar’ (as I call them). One that still has a good amount of protein, but might be higher in carbs or fats than your regular go to bar.