Home gym – what do you really need?

Good Monday Morning!  Have you wondered just how much you need to invest to have a home gym that will give you the diversity for Cardio/Resistance/Flexibility and Core workouts? Secondly how much square footage is enough?

I am here to tell you – you do not need to conform to any set of standards- because anything goes and it really is what resources/space you have available to you.

Unless you are a specific sport athlete that requires specific equipment – most household items will allow for an excellent workout for the mainstream population.    Here are examples of how I use my home gym:

  1. Stair ups..   GREAT Cardio
  2. Over winter/Isolation -LES Mills Grit classes and dance classes – over TV Streaming
  3. Push ups/Plank/Situps
  4. Bench arm dips- off side of tub
  5. Box jumps off stairs
  6. Skipping

My point here, this did not cost a thing.   To incorporate weights,  for beginners you can use soup cans or anything with weight.

Because I do some sport specific training,  we have assigned a 12 x 12 area for a home gym.  Here are some examples of the universal equipment,  that has served us well for mixing it up!

  1. Bench Press that converts to Leg extension and Arm Curl
  2. Free weights ranging from 5-45 lbs
  3. Yoga Mat
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Stability Ball
  6. Bands
  7. Kettle Bell Weights
  8. Bosu
  9. Foam Roller
  10. Lacrosse Ball
  11. Sliders

This list will provide incredible range for most people, and you can invest as you go.

The ease of access to our exercise equipment will allow for versatility at any time, the way you choose to commit.

Don’t forget that gardening, household chores and walking your pets are all activities that count towards keeping active throughout your day.

Stay well and have fun with your workouts, you will be more likely to stick with what you enjoy.




Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting








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