Importance of setting micro goals!

Motivation Monday!

On the heels of completing my “Girls Gone Strong” certification.  It occurred to me- when I am completely in control of a task or goal – I achieve it.  If there are multiple outside influences tied to achieving my goal from the“unknown” the outcome is not so certain.  We all have a lot of external factors that can hinder or jeopardize or conversely help our success.   If you are a goal oriented person- one strategy that has been my bible is to always work on multiple micro goals- always in pursuit of learning/changing and adapting.   If someone says you can’t do something- listen and program your inner critic to say -yes I can! ( folks – I mean within reason.   If you have not trained for a marathon- don’t schedule to run one a week from now😊❤️)  Personally, I am onto another journey this week that I am stoked about.

The world does not need to know the details of how you reach your goals- have fun, believe and park any negativity aside.    You will know those naysayers and be able to file their smirks/grimace/gossip and distorted truths in the waste basket.  Constructive criticism needs to come from your inner circle – trusted peeps. If you ever watched any sports movies there is always someone on the side lines waiting for the epic fail.

By choosing a few important micro mini goals – when one is not going your way,  headway in your other pursuits will lift your spirits and help you bounce.  The saying on my wall is “you cannot direct the winds, but you can adjust your sail” – achieving goals is somewhat similar.

Happy Monday!



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