It’s Friday- Stop and appreciate beauty in simplicity l

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Happy Friyay-  first week of April ✅!

What an amazing week outside.    Yesterday at the park I seen an elderly gentleman in his late 80’s walking with his 2 walking canes and little Shih Tzu dog- oh ya- uphill.  Something about him made me smile.

I cannot speak highly enough about the advise from Dan Buettner’s – Blue Zones work.     I guess that is why when I watched this man walk- I was inspired more than anything.

Our world is littered in rushing, jealousy (comparisons) and quite frankly just bad news, If that is what we choose to only see.

My message this week- sometimes if we just stop to watch what might look like a simple thing.  Appreciate its beauty for what it is.

I suspect the man with 2 walking canes, does not find walking easy!   He was doing it and he also was by himself:-)

Be Wise- Be Kind -and Give!  Nothing will trump this message.

Have a great weekend,


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting