It’s okay to take a break from reality- in fact it’s a necessity. Do not feel guilty!

It’s Friday-and we are expecting one of the most beautiful days we have had in a long time.     The birds were so loud this am.   If there is any reason to get out early – the sounds and images of nature waking up will feed your senses.

With that said,  I woke up this morning with a pitt in my stomach and here is why!   The last thing I watched last night was the news,  and it broke my heart to hear a older womens story about loosing her legs this week from a bomb in the Ukraine and the displacment of all these children in their critical stages of growing up.   How does one explain this- there are simply no words.

I write about people connecting to their best life, so today my wish is despite the chaos in the world finding your place to shut things out to regenerate is absolutely normal and needed.

Enjoy my pictures of my ice breaking- it has been a long winter and this week was incredible to embrace nature from being on the water again.  MOVEMENT is Medicine:-)

This weekend F1 starts back into its 2022 season.

Be well and live well,

Danielle Pointon

Look at the sky in the lake!