Jan 2nd, 2022- Day 2 – Lost in the FOG to finding the “Atlas of the Heart”

Happy New Year and day 2 of 2022!

Thank you for reading my lifestyle blog:-)   Today my day started in the park for a much needed morning  stretch out-the fog was thick, visibility about 6-8 meters with heavy mist and higher temps.  At one point I took a turn and looked up and it was totally not where I thought I was suppose to be.  Cool – I just got to do it all over again – just taking the right turns .. (no pun intended)

New Years Day, I was fortunate to be able to prepare a family brunch and relax.  It was a day for us to practice our gratitude for health, food, downtime and family togetherness.

Every holiday season I choose one book- well this year I choose 2.  My second book I new would become one of my new favorite books, and it did not disappoint.

Great Book Alert!

“Atlas of the Heart”.     Brene Brown helps us identify emotions and learn ways of developing meaningful and healthy connection.  Her writing always leaves me with a diary of questions, observations from my own experiences and a thirst for more knowledge.

Without giving away much – she speaks of choosing to be a greater participant in your own life rather than a spectator,  creating life experiences.   I am thankful nature, water and physical activity offers me both joy and tranquility.  2021 I set my performance goals and completed them -thankfully I was able to do so- many things needed to be adapted differently, including a decision to step away from technology to focus on goals and reduce the noise.   I know challenges will exist this year but hope, faith and resources will equip anyone in making alternate plans.

I laughed when I read Brene’s comment when she is in the swimming pool- she nailed the feeling exactly!  Swimming is a time when you can be by yourself -concentrating on that black line at the bottom of the pool and present in the moment.    You know your off track -if you are trying to race the 20 something swimmer in the next lane over.  (That is so me some days, it is fun to amuse myself)

Brene will reinforce the importance of spending the time to connect to yourself first and foremost and it will ultimately help you develop meaningful connections in life with others.

We are all work in progress and perfection does not exist, lets not ever stop learning:-)  Trust when I say this is a great read.

Here is something that made me smile from one of the children at school!  The thing about children- they have such giving hearts!


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