JDRF- Type 1 Diabetes-FUNDRAISER “action shots”

Thank you to all contributors for the success of Paddle it Forward for JDRF!

Here are some of the accomplishments, motivation pictures, Kms paddled- excuse some of my gps info- some trips the signal was lost and speeds are not reflective of my stop and starts.     Paddling Grand Lake is always an adventure for me.   Yesterday I had my daughter Brooklyn out on a board for the first time for her- everyone I spent time with has loved the experience.

Special thank you to David Becerra and Bill Logan, Jim Little, Kim Sanford, Glenda Hoskins, Genevieve Mechecern,  Peter Korzansky, Alexi Rodriguez, Reid Sutherland and Aaliyah.


Have a fantastic day,


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting



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