Positivity is needed for Healthy Lifestyle

Happy Thursday- Today is about the Power of Positivity!

If you have ever heard of Jon Gordon-he knows all about inspiring leaders and people from all walks of life to elevate through positivity.   We do this by making good purposeful choices everyday, that grow our leadership, learning and support how we bring out best self to the world.   You will often hear me mention the word RISE-this is applicable to each of us as individuals in both our personal and professional lives, through positive reinforcing actions.

Jon is bringing his Power of Positivity summit to you free of charge – which includes key information from people who know all about adversity, failure, strength, tenacity and an internal coding of “Try, Try and try again”!

Join in for some inspiration and great commentary!


In terms of Lifestyle- I will tell you 100 percent,  the people who you spend your time with are a critical component- they must have an attribute of positivity and so should each one of us.  Positivity attracts positivity.

Every person has different internal coding- personally I train to set my compass in the direction I want to go that supports goals.   When I get roadblocked from negative forces – my compass cannot calibrate – it just spins.   To course correct I must first recognize there is a problem and second evaluate what needs to get that compass pointing in the direction I choose to go.

You can embrace your awesomeness and RISE to your best life- just set your compass!   I cannot recommend his conferences enough.

FYI- This was the water this morning! Moderate breeze with minimal gusts.   Southerly wind that was quite warm.



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Danielle Pointon

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