Legacy- Ritualize to Actualize

Happy Hump Day- I traditionally do not blog on Wednesday but on the heels of finishing James Kerr’s book Legacy- I thought I would give it a shout out. This is an excellent book to read for development in all walks of life, business and sport.

Sneak Peak:

Ritualize to Actualize- AKA- Habits

Visualize to Actualize- SEE it- BECOME IT

KEEP YOUR MIND IN THE BLUE-The state of mind that harnesses mental and physical clarity to reach your goals-calm, clear and accurate.   Think of your tongue as a rudder of a boat and the words you use as your paddle to steer your way across the water to your destiny.  Just like visualizing your success – building a language of affirmative positive messaging is just as important.

New Zealand’s- All Blacks- The business of Life….



Have a great Wednesday,

Danielle Pointon

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