Lessons and Everyone needs Cheerleaders!

For a very long time I have had my early morning fitness/ meditation routines.   There is something tranquil about the am.   There has been a lot of personal upheaval to deal with in life – outside of Covid norms.    Morning routine sets my day and allows me to really concentrate on letting the positive in and working on goals in a focused and strategic manner.   I personally don’t have a need to measure every second or take a picture of proof-internal motivation really is a mission.  Do not misunderstand me – measuring performance is important- but so is the “tranquility of being in the moment”.    This mornings cold early routine in the dark -provides reflection.  Todays reflection was about “authenticity”….   I never realized it before but one of the most admirable quality I look for in people is this quality. Example-  “Are you trying to be part of the “cool” crowd”?,   Are you trying to learn more about me to be a “friend”, “ provide helpful advise” or introduce sabotage or love into my life?  Do you do nice things for optics or because of a pure heart?   I think you get my point.

In the summer of 2017  my mom was dying (given a three month life expectancy), my sister was 8 months pregnant expecting her first child after years of trying and my amazing daughter was dealing without a mother at a critical time .   I moved away and left a job to help where I could to help with full time caregiving.   In the throw of the moments, you don’t think much about anything because you are responding to whats hitting you on an hourly basis.  This is were I learned the value in authenticity.    While  some critics  and opportunists seized a moment while I was in distraction by outwardly belittling my intensions,  this is the time that  good did shine through by witnessing the authentic actions of some people.    A patient in the hospital sleeping, would wake up to a fresh glass of water, because their roommate topped it up every time without saying a word.    An anonymous card posted outside of a mans room with Brain Cancer who had no family,   a lady who knit hats and would leave them beside a cancer patients bedside anonymously.

My point is for all the negative our family had to endure- We got the privilege of seeing these random acts of kindness from authentic people.   That is life’s gift.

The lessons we truly learn are often not the ones outsiders and naysayers think we need to learn.  The lessons lie in understanding the root problems from the beginning.   First and foremost we are all individuals- with goals a d dreams, and we all need authentic cheerleaders.

Have a great Friday, another new workout will be added -“ level 2 “for the beginnner.   Progression exercise plans ideally should only happen after 4 weeks of completing your level 1 – in a controlled comfortable manner where your body feels ready to handle the next step.


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