Light the Night

Happy Tuesday,

I would like to share a story with you and ask if you would like to help me “Light the Night” with LLSC to raise funds and awareness for people living with Blood Cancer.  My link will be attached below – your support is appreciated.   When you click the link-on the right hand side of the page you click on “Donate to my Team”

“MY WHY” – Living Your Best Life and Living Your Moments with Meaning and Purpose is so important!

July 2017,

A beautiful family visit in the Bay of Quinte region, Ontario.  I remember thinking it is really quite remarkable the change in 30 years from when I was a youngster growing up on the local air force base. Now Vinyards are popping up all along the region corridor and local crafts people create unique treasures, the artistry is incredible.   Not to mention the Cuisine,  if you are a foodie it is a little piece of heaven.  We enjoyed every minute of it!

August 2017,

Upon returning from the trip – we received notification that our mother was dealing with an illness that had gone undetected.  One minute my mother, sister and I are sitting on a lawn chair admiring the vinyard grape vines talking about the upcoming birth of my sister’s baby boy- the next we are actively seeking a Hail Mary through chemotherapy treatments.  The diagnosis was Acute Myeloid Leukemia-very aggressive in nature.

September 2017,

We were blessed with the birth of a healthy baby boy!  Face time sessions from the delivery room to an  oncology room, meant a grandma got to see her grandchild.

November 2017,

4 months of treatment in multiple hospitals, too many blood transfusions to count and smiles every day despite the circumstances.   The battle would end November 30th, 2017- it was important to her that the Cancer did not define her- the ask was to remember her art, laughter, love of kids and unique style.

My ask:

The financial resources required for a person living and battling blood cancer is incredible and the LLSC is there in times when families need them.   Through their campaign managers and relentless fundraising efforts- advancements are being made everyday to help cure blood cancers.   Please consider donating to the LLSC today – it can help save a life.