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Good Afternoon,  another sunny day in the Maritime Provinces.    August is a vacation month for many,  a chance to relax and enjoy your activities.  I hope you are finding time to enjoy some nature:-)

I wanted to take a moment to explain Live Blue Consulting!   Do you know of someone who has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes or is concerned with being at risk for Prediabetes?   Chances are you do as 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed in Canada.   When someone is diagnosed depending on what Type,  it’s important to know that lifestyle plays a critical component in managing their health and living a long life.  It’s equally important to know there is a huge emotional component every time someone might take a glucose reading or get their A1C results back.    The highs and lows of Hyperglycaemia and Hypoglycaemia are difficult.    Where Live Blue Consulting can help is on Lifestyle and Exercise.   Everyone will have different goals and in order to adapt to a lifestyle change in a safe way,  it must be gradual and fun!

If you would like advise,   I do offer no charge consultations.   And would like to hear from you.   I have FREE glucose monitors if you are worried about your blood sugars and would like to test.   I can walk you through how to use it if need be.   Diabetes is serious and if you think you may have it,  consult your physician immediately.


Stay well,


Danielle Pointon

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