Live Your Best Life- Your best health can be found by embracing the activites you love!

It has been a while since I last posted, it is not that content is hard to find.  It is simply, I want to write about something inspirational to show connection to something bigger.

To be honest we live in such a competitive world-  if I listened to everything I am preceived to be doing wrong- it could seriously affect the things I love doing….   Not to worry, opinions come in all shapes and sizes.   The moral of why I created Live Blue was to inspire people to choose movement their way, making them more healthy for more years to come…. WIN WIN.  Especially for the people who love you.

If you are someone who is struggling with weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac problems.   I come to you as a real person, with one simple piece of advice:

Here it is:

Find something you love to do that includes moving your body, embrace it, find time for it and if you so choose bring a friend, loved one or perhaps stranger along with you.     Just DO IT!  And its always good to leave a little something just for yourself.









I love water and watching things like F1- totally unique to me.   PS – the podium win in F1 this weekend was just like my boat’s name “EPIC”.

Whatever you choose, remember you do not have to be perfect at it, you must do it and enjoy it!   My morning for YEARS have been stacked with getting on the water. Usually when no one can see me because it is wee hours in the morning, the deer and birds.

Here are a few shots, some training for my upcoming events and other just pure FUN!  Yep FUN….

Introducing the Lakes of the Canadian Rockies: (Images of)

1. Lake Lousie


3. Lake MinnieWanka

4.  WaterFowl Lake

5.   Quarry Lake

6.  Vermillion Lakes

Do I have any favorite- NO!  They all offer unique beauty-  Lake MinnieWanka is the most technical/advanced with rapidly changing winds.

Have an amazing week,