Managing your Gremlins?

Have you heard this before?   Peeps- this is also known as your inner voice!   Brene Brown uses this to coin “Shame Types”. Oh the stories we can tell ourselves about our own unworthiness.

If your inner critic is nattering away in your head causing self-doubt or self-criticism – be mindful of what the Gremlins are saying to you!

A couple tips:

  1.  Always remember your goals are yours to own!  Have faith you can accomplish what is important to you!
  2. If the gremlins are noisy- redirect your focus, acknowledge you need to redirect and move towards your goal.
  3. If there is a social platform or source that is making you feel negative feelings- unfollow or limit your exposure.   Be true to you.

Have an incredible day,



Live Blue Consulting

PS-  this morning as I carried my boat to the lake I felt tired because I did a late swim yesterday.   It turned out to be the  most beautiful paddle I have had this year- sometimes you have moments of connection.   This morning gave me that.



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