Meal Time- got you stressed?

Happy Sunday,

If you are anything like me, the idea of meal planning for the upcoming week can seem daunting!   It does take organization but it is easier than you think.

Here are top three ideas I learned from my own nutrition coach that helped,  I hope this may spur an idea for you if you need it!


1-  Use whole foods- and foods in season for your meal prep!   Whole foods examples are fruits and vegetables.

2.  When you have time to cook a full meal- (for me it is on Sundays) – I make double or larger recipies, so there are ample nutritious leftovers.  Quick meal prep for busy days.

3.  Build a weekly schedule – when things are busy.

Here is mine!

  1.  Either leftovers or meatless Monday
  2. Tofu Tuesday- we also love grilled chickpeas/ rice/ salsa with it.
  3. Western Wednesday- Eggs
  4. Taco Thursday- rice/grilled chickpeas
  5. Fish Friday
  6. Sat and Sun are free play days.

Switch it up after some time for variety.  If you keep it easy and flexible- you are more apt to stay with it.

Remember portion sizes!


Enjoy your meal planning………


Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting