Monday Motivation

Hello Monday- when you wake up in the morning,  do you feel energized or need that morning cup of Coffee to kick start your day?

Regardless of our age if we do things that alter the natural rhythm of our circadian clock we will absolutely feel the effects!   Example- if my bedtime stays consistent,  I most always wake up energized- if I stay up later and push my limits, I am going against my natural rhythm.  Most times a coffee or pre workout will help kick start me.

If you are living and managing your Diabetes, listening to your body becomes that much more important and knowing what circadian rhythm is matters, as well as managing sleep, stress, diet and activity.  For senior ages, you may find you need less sleep,   and less calories in your diet,  ultimately  you know your body best.   Listen to what its telling you.

Where lifestyle coaches or personal trainers can step in are multi faceted.  Yes, as a group of certified and trained professionals we can write programs!   The art comes down to listening to what your individual needs are based on how you are living your life and correcting what’s important for you.

For many they simply cannot hire the resource of a dedicated coach,  if that is the case don’t be hesitant to set yourself some mini goals and challenge your progress.    After all you captain  your own ship.

Have fun with it!

Here are pictures from my last weeks paddle workout sesssions.    Its getting really cold so my extra thick 6/7 mm wetsuit or layered drysuit keeps cold weather paddling a joy.




Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting