Monday Motivation -Be Real- Your Gift is your Uniqueness!

Good Monday morning or afternoon, wherever you may be!

Just a simple reminder for your Monday!  Your gift is your uniqueness.  Play it BIG and EMBRACE YOUR REAL !

The dangers of the online world is it can be extremely superficial, and lead to comparison of everything.   Beauty, Health, Fitness, Family, Travel, Pets, Relationships, Homes, Cars- I think you get my point.

Live Blue Consulting is a Lifestyle and exercise company that was born to help connect people to their authentic life and build sustainable healthy habits (there is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach) that will transform! I am specialized in diabetes exercise and Women’s Health Coaching.

I promise you- your REAL is more beautiful than anything!

About me:

My real:  Water is my connection to fitness, meditation, goals, friendships, nature and breathing.

Today the fog was so thick on the water!   Safety first – practice waited until it lifted;-)

Hoping your week is fantastic,

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting